Lucy Janjigian

The Shadow and the Substance

Acrylic 38”X48”

Artist Statement: Abraham laid wood for sacrifice on his son Isaac’s back. God provided the ram. Jesus carried the wooden cross on His back. He is our sacrificial lamb. I was studying this story in Bible Study Fellowship and immediately thought this would make a wonderful painting. I did not know how to represent it. Five years I kept thinking about it until one day “Eureka," I said, "I got it” Immediately got the canvas, started putting the figures in place and began painting. Got the painting done in one day. The fastest painting I have ever done. This was because I had been painting it in my mind for five years. It is one of my favorites and probably one of my best.

Consequently I painted 17 paintings in a series called “Biblical Parallels”. I donated the series to Stony Point Presbyterian Retreat Center at Stony Point, NY

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