Pat Merriman

Starry Starry Night

Artist Statement: In 1996, while teaching in the Gaza Strip for Marquette University, I drove a UN Van into Jerusalem, to Ben Gurion Airport to pick up another faculty member. I crossed at the Erez Checkpoint: van on hoist, white gloves all over for explosive detection. Crossing at daylight was a piece of cake. However; returning at dark, there was a tapestry of stars but no moon, and suddenly we dead ended into an vacant black parking lot…where was the checkpoint? In desperation, I got out to look. Standing alone, I prayed as never before. Where was I—lost in this strange land, dumped into a nothingness that seemed to lead no where. Calming down, I walked 200 or more yards, and suddenly the dim lights of the checkpoint appeared in a valley. “I was lost and now found.” This small quilted piece is a reminder of being saved that starry night.

bio: At 51 after a cancer diagnosis, I realized I really wanted to have art classes, so I started on a journey that continues to this day. Although I had sewn for years, I currently use acrylic colors and mediums for creations on canvas or panels—landscapes, seascapes, florals, treescapes and places I call home, like local barns and park scenes. My NC license plate reads 2B2CRE8!

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