Posey Krakowsky

Our Lady of Walsingham

Artist Statement:This piece was created for the Church of St Luke in the Fields in NYC, and it is a processional banner. Seeing her carried in procession gives me great joy. She sways and ripples with a graceful fluidity that reminds me of God’s movement among us. The image follows the established iconography for representations of OLoW. She holds a lily, representing purity, and she wears the Anglo Saxon crown. Sitting in her lap, Jesus holds the Gospel with one hand and gestures his protection of us with the other. Our Lady is seated on a throne -- her feet rest on the “Toadstone of Evil,” a signal that Jesus has conquered evil.

bio: The Rev. Posey Krakowsky is a priest associate at the Church of the Ascension in Manhattan. She is also a quilt and fiber artist. Her work has been exhibited in a solo show at Saint Peter’s Lutheran Church narthex gallery, in a previous ECVA exhibition, as well as at Union Theological Seminary.

“I have been a fiber artist since before I can remember. As a young child, I would frequently pluck the fur from my beloved stuffed animals just to relish the sensation of twisting the strands between my fingers. As I got older, my great aunt taught me to quilt. Though I was thoroughly trained as a traditional quilter, I rapidly moved beyond those parameters. My work does not have one distinctive style, because each quilt presents new challenges that force me to learn or adapt different techniques. The work is highly improvisational, changing radically from conception to execution. Some quilts are completely hand made; others combine machine and hand techniques. Over the years, I have incorporated calligraphy, painting, beading and natural elements in my work to provide additional texture, dimension and depth.”

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