Bob Epley

Awed by God's Majesty and Power


Artist Statement: A few of my photographs from over the years stuck in my mind for reasons I couldn’t then understand. During Education for Ministry I came across the suggestion to write my spiritual autobiography using pictures. Instantly these images flashed in front of my mind’s eye!

Spiritual growth for me has also been personal development. They served for me as Lectio Divina images as I explored what God had been drawing to my attention for a long time. Paying attention to and photographing the images I am drawn to see continues to be an integral part of my spiritual practice. Like this, the images submitted here are from a clear compelling feeling of God drawing himself to my attention.

We use gifts of flower to show our care for others. In the Victorian era each kind of flower was recognized as conveying a specific message when given to someone.

As a small child my beloved grandmother took me by the hand and pointed out some pansies she cultivated. Her delight in the pansy “faces” is as vivid today as it was then. Pansies are, “Think of Me” in the Victorian vocabulary.

The thing of it is, I didn’t learn about the language of flowers until after making these images.

bio: I am a self-taught photographer. One of my images received a purchase award for the permanent collection of the Fine Arts Center at Colorado Springs. I was a member of a two-artist show at the Firehouse Art Center in Longmont Colorado. Several images of local interest are in the permanent collection of the Longmont Colorado Museum; my photographs are in Pueblo Community College Conference Room. Another image was part of a year-long traveling exhibition from the New Mexico Museum of Natural History. Many others images are in private collections.

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