Virginia Wieringa

Jacob's Ladder

Artist Statement: In retirement, I’ve been blessed with time to work on my own art. My work is a visual response to faith, the mysteries of life and God’s creation. From this faith stance, the style of my work varies from icons, landscape, abstraction to quilting. My wide ranging approach is due to the wide variety of techniques I’ve taught and studied. I do landscapes inspired by Michigan using acrylic paints.

In my abstract work, I incorporate tissue paper painted with acrylic paint. I use it as a beginning layer for other mixed media techniques. The abstract collage pieces often begin with spontaneous layering of colors and textures. This work develops organically and intuitively.

I took an icon workshop and I have worked in this style on traditional icons and some of my own design (which is contrary to the tradition of icons, but I’m a Protestant!)

The expectation of a new grandchild veered me off into an exploration of quilts which is what I am mostly working on these days.

bio: Art education was my major in college and I enjoyed a long career in teaching. I taught art to students in the elementary through college level. Since retiring from teaching I have developed my own artistic voice as a visual response to faith, the mysteries of life and God’s creation. Along with personal satisfaction, I’ve also achieved some notable successes. In 2012, I earned signature status in the ISEA (International Society of Experimental Artists), an Honorable Mention in a regional collage show, and pieces from my Advent Starry Night series have been used in national publications. I had work included in the Salt of the Earth Christian seasons calendar on three occasions. In 2014, 3 pieces of my work were selected for use by Augsburg Press. My work is in public and private collections in the USA and other countries.

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