Amy Unfried


Artist Statement: For the past six years I have been experimenting with the form of the Moebius strip, a self-imposed constraint within which I have made a wide variety of generally abstract compositions.

I have used different types of yarns and different knitting and crochet stitches for the underlying designs of bronze sculptures cast by the lost wax process.

The colorful patinas are also different from what I could use in prior bodies of work. Each piece always includes either birds or fish, also rather abstract.

This depiction of Jonah in the belly of the great fish is one of the less abstract compositions in this genre.

bio: For Amy Bright Unfried, sculpture is her second career. With degrees in economics from Wellesley and Yale, her first career was in economics and finance, but a search for a new path later led her to making bronze sculpture. After training in classical realism at art schools in New York, Amy’s first body of sculpture focused on the human figure in a classical realist style. Later, after moving full time to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, she found herself making a new kind of work, small trees directly cast from interesting branches she found on her walks in the valley. Familiar local birds settled in the branches of these little trees. As more time passed, her work took a turn toward abstraction as she began to explore the form of the Moebius strip in compositions of all kinds.

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