Jean Tudor

Benedicite 1 Ye Stars of Heaven

Artist Statement: The Benedicite, Omnia Opera Domini consists of 17 wall pieces of which this is one, depicting aspects of this song of praise. The Song of the Three Young Men sung by Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego while in the fiery furnace contains such beautiful imagery. In a way it parallels the Genesis creation story. But this is creation up and running and the song invites all of God’s creation to bless God and magnify God forever. It sweeps through the galaxies with its changing imagery provided by Hubble photos. It tells of the variety of weather, and the rhythm of darkness and light as portrayed by Mercator maps with lines that move as the new day dawns.

The song brings to mind creation that always continues, with humans helping in their small ways with the making of their tools and artifacts, and their creative ideas.

And it calls on all, past and present, to praise and magnify the Lord.

What a magnificent invitation!

Bio: Jean’s calling is as an enamellist working with glass, metal and a kiln. She has taught workshops here and abroad and her work has been included in exhibitions in the USA, Germany, Spain, Chile, Japan, Mexico and France. Jean teaches workshops at home and at the Tacoma Metal Arts Center, and regularly teaches enameling in the summer program at the Grünewald Guild, an art/faith center in the Cascade Mountains where she is a Guild Master. She is married to a retired Episcopalian minister which has led them to live on the west coast, the east coast, the midwest, and Colombia, S.A. Jean is now back “home” in western Washington.

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