Miriam Cabello


Station V: Condemned
Old Holland oil on Belgian linen
122 x 183 (H x W) 48x72
© Miriam Cabello 2011

The painting “Condemned” depicts a weight scale with important national and international historical dates that aligns the White Australia Policy with international conflicts on segregation, oppression and injustice. The viewer will recognize the significance of our political and social history from a global perspective. The assistant that weighs in the boxer, simultaneously removing his robe and sliding the weights, cleverly draws the viewer to the scale. (The weight rests on: 1963 the year Martin Luther King, Jr. delivers his “I have a dream” speech and President John F. Kennedy is assassinated). His actions quote those of the Roman guard in Caravaggio’s Ecce Homo who disrobes Jesus after the mocking. The boxer stands defiantly staring back, with bruised bloodshot eyes, this time quoting Rubens’ Ecce Homo. He is not the usual bowed head and hands crossed demurely in front of him.





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