Gerard DiFalco



Oil-based etching ink (black, Charbonnel brand from France) on Rives BFK White paper (France) with colored overlay mulberry bark papers from Thailand (Unryu)

Size framed: 12 by 16 inches (30.5 cm by 40.6 cm)

The etching techniques used in this print include intaglio, aquatint, and chine colle. The image is from a photograph I took in Paris atop Notre Dame Cathedral. The print has an edition of thirty; fifteen regular and fifteen with color overlay process. The later prints become one-of-a-kind etchings, as the mulberry bark colored papers used in the chine colle process differ between works and are hand-cut and printed. This is from my GARGOYLES SERIES, which also falls in the "Sacred Places / Mysterious Spaces Series."





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