Nan Nalder

Spiritual Convergence
Mixed-media including acrylilc, crayon, enamel, and transfer

The message I portray in this work is one of  radical hospitality representing humans living in community and embracing the abundance of gifts we must hold in sacred trust.


Left panel:


• Spawning salmonids under an ethereal image of the earth confronted with human presence.


• Three human forms represent a strong presence of human power and reflection.


Two seated human images reflect on their awe of creation.  Above them is a glimpse of terrestrial landscape. Above the land forms, a blue area spans two panels representing integration of sky and water to sustain life—lifting up and pouring down.


Right panel:


• Three human forms representing First Nations people weighing in with their own thoughts and above the image to the far right appears an ascending salmon.


• At the lower right is a landscape depicting fields and hills.






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