Michelle Wermuth


It's a special thing when I can be moved to tears by the beauty that is presented before me. This morning was one of those times. This morning
was one of those days that just make me happy. I looked out of our kitchen window to see the sun streaming through the trees glistening on the dew covered grass. It has been such a long time since I have woken to a morning like this. I grabbed my camera and with my trusty shadow (Dietric) I headed down the hill. The grass has not been cut in a huge area due to the recent construction. I was in heaven!  Between the tall grass and the spider webs covered in dew I was very happy. I picked a couple of webs as my focus and sat in the grass. After a few moments I looked up from my webs to see the sun sparkling everywhere! It was truly glorious! There really are no words. I felt blessed. I could feel the warmth of the sun warming my back and face.
I knew then that I was never alone. That I was being reminded of that in a
way that He knew I would understand. 




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