Deborah J. Thompson

Inspired Reflections

Like many of my fellow humans, experiencing the fullness of nature is a palpable, heart-to-heart connection with God the Father and Creator. Motionless before an ocean, I am reminded of the symbiotic relationships and interconnectedness of the whole of life. The raw force of the waves signifies the power of the God the Architect. The rise and fall of the tides echo not only the ebb and flow of life; but as our bodies are largely composed of water, also tug at the very core of our being, heralding God the Spirit. Occasionally, we are bestowed access to scenes that are simply “holy moments.” This one was of sunset over the Gulf of Mexico and I was spellbound as the clouds parted for the rays of Heaven to caress the Earth while a bird soared through the majesty of the moment–the Glory of the Lord revealed.





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