Carol Ann Webb

Birthday Bouquet
Watercolor pens

Creative expression draws me closer to God’s heart and creativity energy. “Being an artist” (whatever that means) has been a conscious longing and yearning since my teen-age years. My college studies didn’t allow time for art classes, but after graduation, I participated in some watercolor and oil painting classes. Then the responsibility of work and family pushed that yearning for creating visual art into the background. Birthday Bouquet was my first venture into creating art after a 35-year wilderness. In 2007, I gathered some wild flowers, plopped them in a jar — and embarked on a journey of creative expression and dabbling that embraces and fulfills my longing to be an artist. Birthday Bouquet was a gift for my daughter-in-law. It also symbolizes a gift of the Spirit as my birth-day of time and freedom to explore those long-ago longings and yearnings to be an artist.





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