Cameron Adams

Wright Square, Savannah 1995
35mm Film photograph

One July Sunday of a 1995 visit to Savannah, on my walk to the early service at Christ Church, I took a poignant photograph of a homeless couple comforting each other as they occupied a park bench in Wright Square. Their grooming and clothing belied living in the streets. If ever an image conveyed the sense of all conquering love, this was it.

Years later I revisited that scene to find her seated on the same bench, but alone, for he had passed away. Her name was Julia, and his, Frank. She was delighted to receive a copy of their portrait, remembering him as her "English Count." I could barely contain my emotions and was soon giving thanks in the still quiet of Christ Church sanctuary.

Such events are rare in my photographic life. Catching people unawares requires a light and respectful touch and I prefer to pass without notice in my public quest for archetype, humor and irony. The exception here was the need of a model release for the annual Gordon Parks Photography Competition. My usual good fortune fulfilled the promise of 500 road miles from and to Atlanta, but honor for that picture would have to wait.




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