Brian Allan Skinner

The Sea in Our Veins
Cliché verre

The Spirit is ineffable. Words to describe it prove elusive, wrapped in terms that are often mysterious, puzzling, and even nonsensical. Further investigation and reflection seem to produce only greater enigmas, much as probing the “indivisible” atom has produced a bewildering array of particles.

My experience of the Spirit has taught me that it is often cloaked in the Invisibility of the Obvious. The Spirit does not announce its arrival like a great cometary portent, but more like a field of winking fireflies. The Spirit and the Grandeur of God present themselves quietly and subtly, more as metaphor than statement. I feel this spiritual presence more through the connections among the elements of creation than through the elements themselves. It is this which I was contemplating when I painted “The Sea in Our Veins.” The image is not a literal truth, but a metaphorical one.





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