Carson Perez

Santo Niño, Word of God
Paint markers on acid-free paper

This modern, iconographic artwork uplifts Filipino and Spanish cultures. "Santo Niño, Word of God" in Tagalog (Filipino) is "Santo Niño, Ang Salita ng Diyos." In Spanish, it is "Santo Niño, La Palabra de Dios." The Holy Child wears a royal green robe with his divine title in Tagalog and Spanish. Both text and imagery uphold the Christ Child as the Incarnate Living Word of God. Heaven, with its iridescent roses and bright beings, serves as his backdrop. The Infant Jesus holds a shepherd's staff, a symbol of stewardship and ecclesiastical power and authority; and a calla lily, a symbol of beauty, purity, and resurrection. The spirit of the Santo Niño has united the various people groups of the Philippine Islands. He has been revered by my Filipino and Spanish ancestors for centuries. I imagine the Holy Child bursting with light and love, and surrounded by the grandeur of God.





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