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Christ And The Laundry

Digitally Manipulated Photograph, 2011


Through the window of a small Honduran Episcopal church is a clothesline in the yard of the home next door. The absolutely non-sacred placement is what struck me. Here God is where man is, there is no set-apart place for Him.  Poverty allows little separateness.  


Photography, and my adaptations of it, tend to cleanse the images of the actual horror of the poorness of the lives of our brothers and sisters in Honduras. It is a shame that we are shielded from that even in our attempts to share it. Perhaps that is one of the things that Christ pondered as he walked a line none of us would dare, as he was stripped of his 'laundry,' and hung out for the world to scorn. 


May we be flooded with clarity as the layers of gauze are slowly stripped from our eyes.




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