Corinne Collymore Peters

The Widow of Nain

Oil on Canvas
3 x 8 feet

The Widow of Nainís Miracle is my interpretation of the passage of Luke 7:11-17. In addition to visualizing the story, there are many other aspects and levels of consciousness and considerations to be contemplated: from the direction to read the painting, to the sequence of exploring the images following the path of colors.

The Widow of Nainís Miracle contains two separate paintings, the observance of the intimate moment between Jesus and the Widow versus the chaotic response of the crowd to the Miracle; the interaction of 23 portraits and their viewpoints of the event; and the intensity of the moment of the return of life versus the gentleness of the giving of the gift.

Sharing the humanity of their reactions, the importance of daily life detail, visually hearing the orchestration of sounds, and feeling the sensations of the moment and discovering the implantation of artistic humor with the recognition of the portraits of Leonardo da Vinci or the Mona Lisa (with eyebrows) is central to the enjoyment of this painting.

Mixing the concepts of abstraction and realism, with the extreme cropping of unnecessary views, color usage, and canvas size, forces the focus that becomes the conversation that interacts with the images. The human proportions provide unconscious relationships between the reality of the two worlds, inspiring understanding, empathy, and association.

Finally, it is the revelation from a womanís point of view and the gifts from the Lord that makes this painting a celebration and manifestation of the greatness of God.