Alphabetical List of Artists

Dick Adams

Roger M. Beattie

Edward Beckett

Kathy Bozzuti-Jones

Betty Clarke

Ferris Cook

Marilyn Dale

Gerard Di Falco

Phoebe Farris

Terrence Fine

Chuck + Peg Hoffman

Margaret A. W. Ingram

C. Robin Janning

Roberta Karstetter

Mary Melikian

Mary Jane Miller

Joseph Neiman

Elizabeth Porter

Robin Rule

Suzanne Schleck

Rara Schlitt

Howard Schroeder

Amy Bright Unfried

Vanessa Wells



Curator's Statement

As I noted earlier in the call for entries, the term "grace" has many definitions. Grace, as a spiritual phenomenon, is unique in the experience of each individual, elusive and enigmatic challenging "material" as a subject for the visual artist .

The presentation of the exhibition is in the format of a slide show. Due to overall divergence among individual pieces a deliberate sequence was established so that there would be common links from one adjacent image to another. Sometimes this is evident in literal thematic similarities and in other instances through visual resemblance such as color or other traits of composition, some more subtle than others. It is intended that a narrative evolve, implied in a unified sequence of eclectic visual stimuli.

At any rate, the work speaks for itself and is offered to enrich any viewer's Advent experience.

Grace be unto you.
Carry on.

Moses Hoskins


PLEASE NOTE: The Full Of Grace exhibition is being presented in two slideshow formats: Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF format and Adobe Flash format. The PDF format is self-paced. Use the "arrow" keys on your keyboard or the right- and left-click buttons on your mouse to navigate the slide show. The Flash format runs automatically. Both the PDF format and the Flash format open in new windows, so when you are finished viewing the slideshow, simply close the window.

Click PDF to begin the self-paced slideshow. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the slideshow in PDF format. If you don't already have it installed, click HERE.

Click FLASH to begin the automatically running slideshow. You will need Adobe Flash Player to view the slideshow in Flash format. If you don't already have it installed, click HERE.