C. Robin Janning


About A Word
10 by 8 inches
Mixed media on watercolor paper

Mixed-media. Creation. All formed in and on the same ground and unified now and forever in that formation. A word which settles into the consciousness of now and forever, I am because you are. Yes? Yes. Ubuntu.

There is an ugly structure in my neighbor’s yard. I want it to be gone. But oh, just now, I saw the shadow of dancing leaves on its roof. I sat for a time observing the performance, accompanied by the constant chirping of a nest of newly hatched birds. Oh yes, and a wind chime. My curtains moving with the breeze. And my neighbor sitting in the sun, napping after a long day of work. I shut my own eyes and I know in this moment that I am here because she is here.

This miracle extends up and down our street. Following these coordinates, these marks and lines of creation, I travel high and low, narrow and wide. A continuous ground of being I Am You Are.

I am allowed more words, but need only this one: Ubuntu.