June 21, 2011
Summer eNews

Intersections @ ECVA: a new blog at ECVA.org

ECVA has a new brand new blog. It's designed to enliven the voice of our community—a community of artists working at the intersections of Art and Faith. You will find news here of interest to ECVA artists, news about local ECVA Chapters, and news and conversation about ECVA's mission to create programs that support those who are engaged in using the visual arts in spiritual life.

Our intersections are many—from each artist who becomes a member of The Artists Registry @ ECVA and participates in our online exhibitions—to local area ECVA Chapters—to the clergy, music directors, and friends who not only bring visual arts into our sacred spaces, but also use visual arts to help build those sacred spaces.

Intersections @ ECVA will be updated when news arrives. The news will be varied. Content might be related to an ECVA Chapter exhibition, or it might be a Call for Entries from a group outside ECVA. The blog will not replace the newsletter. You will still get a newsletter announcing Calls and Exhibitions, along with a summary of blog items and links to them.

You can easily subscribe to the blog. There is a subscription link on the blog in the lower right-hand corner. Scroll down to "FOLLOW US BY EMAIL," enter your e-mail address, and click "Submit." Then, every time we post a new entry, you will receive it via e-mail.

To check out the new blog, click on the Intersections @ ECVA logo above, or click HERE. There is a permanent link to the blog on the homepage at http://ecva.org. You can also e-mail us at ecvanews@ecva.org.


Digital Art and the Worshipping Community: Visual art is a vehicle in which ordinary observation can lead to personal insight. In Christian community gathered for prayer and worship, visual art can support a reading of the Word, seeing with the eyes, listening with the heart, and responding in prayer and in action. Can these relationships continue when the art is transmitted in digital form and the community is facing a stadium-sized projection screen? Read more HERE.

Seven Palmer Artists Open EDOT Show: Palmer Memorial Episcopal Church’s Creative Artists’ Community opened a group show at EDOT (Episcopal Diocese of Texas) Gallery for seven artists on May 10, 2011. The show features an eclectic mix of paintings and quilted fabric art; fresh watercolor still lifes; edgy and contemporary portraits; cut-paper collages inspired by nature; and exuberant landscapes reminiscent of outer space and inner peace. Read more HERE.

The Heavens—Art at the Cathedral, Call for Entries: Art at the Catheral, a gallery at Christ Church Cathedral in Lexington, Kentucky, opens the exhibit to water color artists responding to the theme: "The Heavens: Meditative Spaces, under the direction of Cindy Flora. Note: For artists outside the Lexington area who will be shipping, there is no entry fee. You must send digital images no later than August 3, 2011 for selection into the exhibit. Read more HERE.

From White Stone Gallery, Call for Entries: White Stone Gallery announces a national call to contemporary artists for the 2012 Fine Art & Faith Exhibit, to be held January 14, through February 4, 2012 at the gallery's location in Philadelphia, PA. The faith expressed in the submissions must be supported by the Bible. A selection of works from the exhibit will be featured online for one year. Read more HERE.

Deadline Reminder for ECVA's Current Call for Entries:
Under Abraham's Tent

See complete Call for Entries HERE.

JULY 17, 2011

...Understanding that we live in an increasingly interconnected world, this ECVA exhibition asks: When have you been touched by the realization that we share a common father, Abraham? When have you run out of your tent to meet the strangers sent by God? As you turn to make art that answers these questions, we invite you to consider:

Travels to the places where Abraham pitched his own tent, or anywhere the spiritual descendants of Abraham worship God today.

Encounters with another Abrahamic faith through a person, a sacred object, experiences in your own faith journey, etc.

Abraham and/or his descendants as reflected upon in the Torah, the New Testament, or the Koran.

Bowie Snodgrass, Curator
Executive Director
Faith House Manhattan

The Episcopal Church and Visual Arts, Inc.
815 Second Avenue • New York, NY 10017