Pentecost - Taking Flight
St. Paul's
Episcopal Church - Greenville, North Carolina
The Visual Artist’s Guild at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church conceived an aerial sculpture as a project for Pentecost. With the entire congregation participating, prayer doves took flight as a way to enhance their worship experience.
  Pentecost Installation
Trinity Episcopal Church - Bloomington, Indiana

Inspired by information found at the ECVA Web site, Trinity Episcopal Church in Bloomington, Indiana, created a Pentecost installation incorporating
origami doves. The project has encouraged the formation of a Liturgical Arts Committee for creating future projects.
  A Visual Presence - Pentecost
Christ Church - South Hamilton, Massachusetts

"The feast of Pentecost celebrates the gift of God’s Spirit to the church, which enables it to carry on the ministry of Jesus Christ in the world today." At Christ Church, artist Ruth Susen Riley designed A Visual Presence an installation at the church for Pentecost. With the help of church members, the silk banners were suspended from the ceiling stretching from the stained glass window over the altar to the back wall of the Nave as if the colors flowed from the window.
St. Albans Episcopal Church - Wichita, Kansas
An installation was created for Easter and Pentecost at St Albans consisting of fabric suspended from ceiling and walls with paper doves at its center. "It was as if the space was saying that the 'Lord has Risen, Alleluia!'"
  Liturgy for the Visual Arts
Episcopal Seminary of the Southwest - Austin, Texas
Art and Soul is a course offered at the Episcopal Seminary of the Southwest in Austin, Texas. A
liturgy was created to celebrate the time spent together as a class community, and to bless the various artworks that were put on display in the student center.
Pentecost – Red
Pentecost – Green

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